Why You Need Pest Control in Buffalo If You Have Bed Bugs

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Do-it-yourself fixes and projects have become very popular these days thanks to YouTube and other easy-access internet sites and videos. Unfortunately, when it comes to bed bugs, DIY methods will not get rid of them. Bed bugs are extremely difficult to get rid of – even for our experienced team at Bugg Control. In this post, we go over why you need to rely on our professional Buffalo pest control services and the dangers of trying to get rid of them yourself.

You Won’t Be Able to Control Them

While their name implies, that they might only live in bedding and sheets, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Bed bugs can take over your home quickly and can spread to such places as your sofas, rugs, cloth items, and yes, even stuffed animals.

While you can try to limit their spread by sealing items in garbage bags, disposing of furniture, and things of that nature, without the help of professional pest control, it will be a never-ending and losing battle.

They Multiple Very, Very Quickly

Not only does a bed bug’s life span reach up to a year, but they can also spread/breed extremely quickly. Even a few bed bugs can rapidly turn into a major issue since they can potential lay up to 6 eggs each day. While DIY methods and YouTube tutorials might work some things, when it comes to bed bug infestations, things can get out of control very fast when they are not properly taken care of.

You’ll Lose Sleep & Worse

Probably one of the biggest reasons to call a Buffalo pest control company if you have bed bugs is due to the lack of sleep and discomfort you will go through thanks to these pesky creatures. Bed bug bites can be extremely painful, and it is near impossible to sleep once an infestation occurs.

Their bites can also become infected, and some studies show that there may even be a potential link to parasites and disease that can be spread via be their bites.

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