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Why Does My Lawn Have So Many Anthills?

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Ants are one of the most commonplace and numerous species in the world.  They’re found on every continent (except Antarctica) and are remarkably good at adapting to any changes humans make to the environment.  If you have a lawn in New York, chances are you have at least a few ants around.

This isn’t necessarily a problem – ants provide many important “services” like clearing out dead leaves and other organic waste.  However, too many ant hills in your lawn will likely lead to the ants making their way into your house.  And that is definitely a problem, one which will require New York pest control services to solve.

So how can you prevent your lawn from becoming an empire of the ants?  Here are a few tips.

Four Ways To Discourage Ants In Your Lawn

1 – Remove water sources

Like all creatures, ants seek out food and water.  You can’t prevent them from finding food on your lawn – nature provides detritus in abundance.  However, you can prevent them from finding water sources.

Don’t use a birdbath – they attract more insects than birds.  Also, if you have leaky pipes or hoses in your lawn, such as for your watering system, that creates a bounty of water for ants.  (Not to mention wasting water.)  In addition, if your lawn has grading issues that lead to puddles forming and persisting, consider smoothing it out for better runoff.

2 – Destroy mounds as soon as you see them

When a mound is fresh, you can tell because the dirt around it is extremely loose and typically light-colored.  This is when you should destroy the mound!  Sweep the dirt away, and stomp on the top to collapse the tiny caverns underneath.  If the nest is new enough, the ants won’t be able to recover.

3 – Remove decaying or wet wood

Numerous pest insects, including carpenter ants, live in and/or eat decaying wood.  Never leave old wood on your property!  If you need to keep a woodpile, it should be as far from your house as possible to discourage the ants from exploring your home as well.

4 – Call in pest control services

Once ants have set up camp in your lawn, fully eradicating them safely can be very difficult.  That’s when you want professional New York pest control services to take care of the problem.

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