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Treat Your Home for Pests – How Often Should You Do It?

Remember the cliché, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?” It’s not far from the truth. Prevention is always better than cure; this is accurate when it comes to pest control. If you are a victim of pest infestation, you know exactly what we are talking about. But, pest prevention is not a one-time thing, and it requires regular pest control in Tonawanda NY, to ensure your home is free of pests.

How Often Should You Hire a Pest Control Service?

Before calling an exterminator in Buffalo NY, you must identify the pests that want to move into your home. If wasp, ant, bees, or stinkbugs are present in other places in your neighborhood or community, they may find your home equally comfortable. So, it’s essential to hire a pest control package, depending on the pests that are commonly prevalent in your area.

According to a few reports, “average treatment from your pest prevention service lasts for about two months.” For this reason, most professionals recommend treating your home and lawn every other month. But, there are also different factors that determine the duration of follow-up pest control treatments.

  • The type of pest control measures taken
  • The type of pest
  • The severity of the pest infestation
  • The condition of the points of entry
  • How well you understand and follow the advice given by the pest exterminator in Buffalo NY

How Is It Done?

When you notice pests in your home, give a call to your pest exterminator. They will come to your place, perform a thorough inspection, and analyze the entry points and the severity of the problem. Once done, they will determine the right pest control treatment to handle the situation. After the treatment, they will also supply you the sufficient information on how to keep the pests away from your home.

They will also set up a treatment schedule (usually bi-monthly or quarterly) to get rid of pests out of your home for good. For more severe pest infestations, they will suggest a monthly treatment to get the best control over the situation.

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