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New York Stink Bug Control 

Whether you need effective bug control, ant control, or spider control, count on our pest control company to have a solution for you. In addition to our other services, our bug exterminator is experienced at providing reliable stinkbug control for residents throughout Buffalo, NY and the surrounding area. New York State is on the verge of being an “infestation state” for stinkbugs. Warm winters have led to a boost in the population of these ½” long, brown pests. You can recognize stinkbugs by their shield-like shape and bands of white on their antennae.

While stinkbugs do not bite or sting and pose no threat to animals or non-plant materials in your house, they are a nuisance, especially since they are known for the pungent odor they release when they feel threatened. Stinkbugs will congregate around windows on the warm side of your house and in and around potted plants. Bugg Control, Inc. can keep these bugs and their stink out of your home.

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Let Our Pest Control Company Keep Stinkbugs Out

At Bugg Control, Inc., we use our home barrier treatment to protect your home from the gutter to the ground and about 3-5 feet around the house. This is a crucial step in preventing a number of pests, and can also be an effective approach to spider and ant control. By targeting cracks in your windows and doors as well as broken seals where stinkbugs like to enter, our pest control company strives to protect your home and stop pests before they can become a problem.

In addition to exterior barrier treatments, our team may also recommend sealing and caulking holes and cracks in your home to deny stinkbugs a way in. If you find a stinkbug infestation in your home or property in Buffalo, NY, seal off the area immediately to prevent it from spreading and call Bugg Control, Inc. today. With years of experience in the industry, we have the tools and skills necessary to handle and eliminate these unwanted guests from your home. Call today to learn more about our stinkbug control services.

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