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Simple Things to Do Before the Exterminator Comes to Your Place

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Many people are unaware of the fact that they also need to play a role in the extermination process. There are some simple things they can do to make the work easier for the pest control Buffalo NY crew. Some of the things you do can ensure that the work is done more effectively, some of it is for your safety and also to ensure the exterminators do not have to spend a lot of time at your premises.

Identify Where You saw the Pests

It will help a great deal if you can inform the pest control Buffalo NY crew where the pests were last seen since some pests do not stick around long enough to be found. For example, rodents and roaches. Knowing where they were last seen makes investigating the area easier since sometimes, they will need to find their hiding place or places they frequently visit.

Put Away Cutlery and Foodstuff

Sometimes the exterminator may need to spray chemicals that should not be ingested, you must keep any foodstuff and things associated with eating in a safe place where they cannot get contaminated. For example, the ant exterminator Buffalo NY may need to spray the kitchen because ants are usually in kitchens looking for food so you would have to clear the kitchen.

Keep the Pets Away

Even though most exterminators may say they use chemicals that are safe for pets and humans, it is still best not to have them getting their noses into things when the exterminators are busy, also some pets may be insects or reptiles and they can be affected by the spray. If you have a guard dog, it should also be secured so that it does not attack the exterminators.

Move Furniture and Other Heavy Objects Out of the Way

The exterminators may need to access walls, certain areas of the floor and so on, it is good to anticipate what kind of space they will need and move any objects that may be on the way. You can also ask what you should move.

Let the Kids Know or Take Them Somewhere Else

Some pests are dangerous as they are being exterminated like bees and wasps, children should not be nearby as the exterminators do their job. Either have them stay in their room or let them visit a friend or neighbor as the work is carried out.

These are just five things you can do before the exterminator Buffalo NY gets to your premises.