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Keep Flies Away with These Easy Tips

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Of all the pests that can invade a home, few are as annoying as flies.  They don’t hide in the shadows like mice or roaches – they fly around openly, buzzing your face, walking on your food, and disrupting your life.  Swatting them away does nothing, and the whole time, they’re potentially spreading diseases.

The last thing you want in your home is a fly infestation.  Pest control services can take care of them, of course, but it can be an expensive process.  Prevention is definitely the best medicine here, so we’ve got some tips to help you keep your house fly-free!

Great Ways to Keep Flies Out of Your Home

1 – Clean up your garbage, inside and out

The #1 thing that attracts flies to a home is garbage.  It’s what they live for.  The more secure your garbage is, the less likely you are to attract them.

This means promptly cleaning up any messes, and promptly disposing of dishes and garbage after dinner.  Food waste should not be stored indoors, whenever possible.  Take the trash out as soon as dinner is done!  When outside, your garbage should be securely inside well-sealed trash bags, hopefully also within another container like a curbside dumpster for extra protection.

2 – Never leave loose food in the fridge

Flies can get almost everywhere, even into places like your refrigerator which are supposed to be well-sealed.  When storing leftovers, make sure they’re fully sealed within an airtight container.  This is particularly important for fruits and vegetables.  Try not to leave them loose within the fridge, as they’ll attract fruit flies.  At a minimum, keep them in the crisper or veggie drawer, preferably within their own bags.

3 – Cut off entry points into your home

You can’t 100% fly-proof a home’s exterior, but you can make life more difficult for the flies.  Check all the mesh screens and seals around your doors, windows, etc, and repair any holes.  Also, make sure the sweeps at the bottom of your doors are in good shape, otherwise, that can be an entry point for numerous pests, including flies.

On the plus side, improving the seals around your home will also improve your energy efficiency!

Bugg Control Keeps Western NY Pest-Free!

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