How to Use These Scents to Keep Wasps Away From Your Home

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Dealing with wasps around your home is often frustrating. Looking at different ways to limit wasps near your house is key to avoiding painful stings. Fortunately, you can choose from a variety of scents that can help to repel wasps. Reaching out to local pest control services is also important in staying proactive against wasps to ensure you and your family remain safe.

Here are a few scents to use if you are dealing with wasps around your home.

Use Peppermint Oil

One way to limit the number of wasps near your house is to spray peppermint oil. Wasps are more much likely to go to another area due to their dislike for any type of mints. Spraying this along your patio and near your house can help you create a wasp-free environment, which makes it much easier for you to relax while spending time outside.

Plant Herbs

Another way to prevent wasps from coming near your home is to plant herbs. A few of the most popular types of herbs include citronella, basil, eucalyptus, mint, and thyme. Planting these herbs in your garden or around your patio can help dramatically limit the number of wasps flying near your home.

Slice Up Cucumbers

Another scent that isn’t attractive to wasps is cucumbers due to the acidity it produces. You don’t even have to spend time creating a mixture, as you just simply cut it into pieces and spread the cucumber throughout your yard. You can also place a cucumber within a dish or aluminum pan indoors, as it creates an undesirable scent for wasps.

Spray Vinegar

Household items can also be used to repel wasps, such as mixing vinegar and water together. This mixture also helps to cover other smells, which helps to prevent wasps from flying around your house. You can even add some peppermint oil to the mix for the best results.

Reach Out to Pest Control Services to Learn More

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