How to Prevent Stink Bugs from Getting in Your Home

Stink bugs are a common pest that can invade your home during the fall months. Trying to eliminate stink bugs on your own isn’t easy, as it’s a good idea to reach out to pest control in Buffalo. Staying proactive by looking at ways to prevent stink bugs from entering your home can also save you plenty of stress.

What do Stink Bugs Look Like?

Stink bugs have a mottled brown color with a shield shape. These pests usually range anywhere between 11 to 18 millimeters in length, as they are nearly the size of a quarter. Stink bugs also emit a nasty odor if they feel threatened. The best option is to gently sweep them out of your home and avoid squishing them if you don’t want to smell their pungent odor.

How Do Stink Bugs Get Inside of Your Home?

Stink bugs will look for a place to hibernate during the fall months, which is why you can find them in your home. These bugs can enter your house in a variety of ways, whether it’s attic vents, openings in your chimney, or small holes in your window screens. Stink bugs will take shelter in your home throughout the winter, and they will become active again in the spring.

Where Can You Find Stink Bugs In Your House?

Stink bugs will often look for secluded areas within your home, such as in crawl spaces, attics, walls, or underneath floorboards. Trying to get these stink bugs out of your home is often a challenge. Choosing to reach out to professional pest control in Buffalo is a great way to eliminate these pests while saving yourself a lot of time and work.

Tips on to Prevent Stink Bug Infestations

Sealing external cracks in your home is key in preventing stink bug infestations. Caulking any external crevice is important in keeping your home pest-free. Always keeping your doors and windows closed will also keep these pests outside and prevent them from entering your home.

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