How To Prepare for A Buffalo Pest Control Visit

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So, you’ve called in a Buffalo pest control company to deal with an infestation.  What next?  There are several things you can do to help the extermination go more smoothly, and also help protect your property in the process.

You might even be able to save yourself a little money if you do a few chores that would otherwise add to the work the extermination crew needs to do.

Four Things To Do Before A Buffalo Pest Control Visit

1 – Protect your pets

Most pets are extremely sensitive to the chemicals used in extermination.  If it’s at all possible, get them out of your house entirely.  Have a neighbor pet-sit or put them in a pet hotel.  Either way, they absolutely cannot be in the same rooms that are being treated.

Also, store all their bedding and toys securely, so they won’t soak up the poisons.  If you’re having flea or tick extermination done, this would be an excellent time to take them to the vet for professional treatment.

If you have fish, securely cover their tank with plastic.  Also, shut down any aeration systems that pull from your home’s atmosphere, or else they’ll get poisoned.

2 – Move furniture and appliances away from the wall

Exterminators need access to the spaces behind large appliances and furniture.  Moving them a few inches away from the wall will reduce the work the exterminators have to do, cutting down on their billable hours.

3 – Remove toiletries from your bathrooms

It’s generally a good idea to strip down your bathrooms completely if they’ll be part of the extermination.  At a bare minimum, you should remove your toothpaste, toothbrush, floss, perfumes, etc.  You don’t want to use them if they’ve been covered in poison!

4 – Protect your kitchen

First, be aware that exterminating in a kitchen will involve unplugging the refrigerator (and freezer, if you have one) for at least a few hours.  Think carefully about what’s in the fridge.  You may want to pick up some coolers and ice, to keep perishables while the fridge is open.

Also, wrap plastic around water faucets and other dispensers, so that they don’t become contaminated.

Pest Control Service in Buffalo

If you need pest control in Buffalo, Bugg Control has been western New York’s top choice since the 1970s!  Feel free to contact us for services and ask any questions you might have about preparing for an extermination visit.