How to Identify and Prevent Wood Borer Beetles

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Dealing with wood borer beetles is never a fun experience for homeowners. These pests can create significant damages to your home, which results in costly repairs. Staying proactive by learning how to identify these beetles while reaching out to pest control in Buffalo is critical in keeping your home safe against these insects.

Here is an overview of the different types of wood borer beetles.

Flathead and Roundheaded Beetles

Flathead beetles are long and oval-shaped that don’t pose too great of a risk for homeowners. These beetles are usually found in forests. Similarly, roundheaded beetles are also mainly attracted to weak or dying trees, as these beetles have a long antenna and can vary in size.

Deathwatch Beetles

Deathwatch beetles tend to infect moist softwood. These beetles create different size holes compared to others, which makes it easier for pest control to identify deathwatch beetles. Deathwatch beetles get their name due to them tapping their heads against the wood as a form of communication. Adult beetles usually appear greyish brown.

Powderpost Beetles

Powderpost beetles are attracted to walnut, oak, and mahogany, which are often used in flooring, furniture, wood paneling, and window or door frames. These beetles get their name due to the trail of larvae that leaves behind powdered frass once they burrow within the wood. Adult powderpost beetles appear reddish-brown or black while also having a forward projecting head.

False Powderpost Beetles

False powderpost beetles mainly infest softwood and hardwood while leaving behind coarse frass. These beetles can infest furniture and wooden floors, but they can deposit their eggs in soft metals. False powderpost beetles are extremely small, and they have a downward projecting head.

How to Prevent Damages From Wood Borer Beetles

One way to prevent wood borer beetles is to seal all of your wood surfaces. Using a sealant prevents these beetles from laying eggs on the surface or within the wood. Controlling the humidity levels in your house is also key in reducing the chance of an infestation from wood-boring beetles.

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