How to Get Rid of Wasps in Your Home

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Dealing with wasps in your house is never a fun experience. Getting stung by a wasp is especially painful, as it’s important to follow a few guidelines if you are trying to get rid of these wasps on your own. Reaching out to a bug exterminator in Buffalo, NY, is often recommended, as these professionals are trained on how to safely remove wasps from your house without causing any problems.

Here are some tips to remember to help you eliminate wasps from your home.

Inspect Entry Points

Wasps can enter your home in a variety of ways. Even the smallest openings can let wasps inside of your house. Checking for cracks around windows, doors, and all of the beams in your attic is important, as they are just a few of the most common entry points for these insects. Making sure you close exterior doors tightly shut behind you is also important to avoid a wasp getting inside of your home.

Search for Wasp Nest

Wasps often build their nest up high, whether it’s in your attic or a nearby tree. Taking the time to identify the location of the wasp nest is key to getting rid of these pests. Typically, a nest consists of dead wood shavings, as they are usually light brown or grey. Finding the location of the nest allows you to apply an insecticide to get rid of your wasp problem.

Use Insecticide Spray or Call a Professional

You can choose from numerous insecticidal spays at a hardware store, as it’s a good idea to dress in protective clothing to cover as much skin as possible to prevent stings. Administering this spray at night is especially important, as wasps are less aggressive and are slower to react. You can also reach out to a local bug exterminator in Buffalo, NY, if you don’t feel comfortable doing this on your own.

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