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How To Get Rid of Hornets in Your Buffalo, NY, Home

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People can end up unwillingly sharing their home with a wide variety of insects – and few would-be roommates are more unwanted than hornets.  While hornets primarily prey on other insects, they are notoriously hostile if they feel threatened – which can be a big problem if they’ve decided to build a nest on your porch!

Fortunately, there are ways to get rid of hornets yourself, at least if it’s safe.  If you are allergic to hornets, wasps, or other stinging insects, do not attempt to deal with them yourself.  Just call a bug exterminator in Buffalo, New York, to deal with them.

But if the possibility of a sting isn’t a threat, here are some tips for dealing with them yourself first.

Three Ways To Deal With Hornets

1 – Just swat a loner

Hornets often range far and wide when looking for food.  Unlike some other pests, like roaches, seeing a single hornet isn’t a cause for major alarm.  He’s probably alone.  Just smush him and go on with your day.  Unless you see several hornets at the same time, it’s not a problem.

2 – Spray a nest at dusk or dawn

There are plenty of hornet-killing sprays you can pick up at numerous stores, and they can do the job as well as a bug exterminator could.  The trick is to wait until either dusk or dawn.  This is when the majority of hornets will be back at the nest, and they’ll be a bit slow-moving and groggy.  Hose them down with the spray, wait for them to stop twitching, and then pull down and destroy the nest.

Wear gloves, eye protection, and other protective gear!  Even when near-death, they can still sting.

3 – Hang wasp traps

Here’s a ‘home remedy’ that actually works:  Take an empty 2-liter soda bottle, cut the neck off, then turn it upside down inside the rest of the bottle.  This should form a funnel.  Glue or staple them together.

Then pour in some apple cider vinegar (it needs to be a ‘sweet’ vinegar), and add a drop of dish soap.  You could also throw in a little piece of meat.  This becomes a trap that will capture any hornets that fly by.  Most importantly, it can trap queens – meaning they won’t set up a nest near you.

Exterminator Services in Buffalo, NY

If you are allergic to hornets, or just don’t like being stung, don’t worry – our New York bug exterminators at Bugg Control can take care of them for you.  Click here for an appointment!