How to Control and Get Rid of Bed Bugs In Your Home

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Our team at Bugg Control knows that bed bugs can be a nightmare to deal with if you have them. So that’s why we’ve decided to share some tips on how to control an outbreak in your home. Always remember that calling a professional bug exterminator like us is the only way to ensure you truly get rid of them.

Keep Calm

While no one wants bed bugs, and the idea of them being in your bed and/or home can be disgusting, so always keep calm (we know this is easier said than done). Don’t start throwing all of your belongings in garbage bags and throwing everything out. More often than not, you can salvage most of your things by properly treating and removing them.

Be Sure You Have Them

Sometimes, people think they may have bed bugs, but they might actually have fleas, ticks, or another infestation. One of the best ways to know if you are dealing with bed bugs is to go online and look at images of them and also their bites (contacting us is the best idea).

Heat-Dry & Wash Bedding & Clothes

Washing your clothes, blankets, and other bedding, and heat-drying them can help control and kill off bed bugs. Don’t forget your laundry basket is a safe haven for them, so always ensure thoroughly clean that every time you do laundry.

Clean, Clean, Clean!

The more of a mess you have and the more clutter in your home or apartment means more places for bed bugs to hide. Not only that but locating them and getting rid of them becomes just that much difficult if you don’t have a tidy home.

While it’s difficult to clean a mattress, you can purchase special bed bug covers for your box spring and mattress that makes it harder for bedbugs to attack while you sleep.


Carefully vacuuming your floor, bed frame, room corners, and anywhere else you can is a good way of trying to control and lower the number of bed bugs in your home. It’s important to remember to always change vacuum bags and clean out your canister after each use. Always seal and get rid of the garbage bag immediately.

We’re the Bug Exterminator You Can Trust

If you have bed bugs in Western NY, please contact our team at Bugg Control today to get rid of them ASAP!