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How Long Does Pest Control in Buffalo Take?

Since 1974, people have called on Bugg Control Inc for pest control in Buffalo, and we’ve built our reputation on thousands of successful exterminations.

One of the most common questions we hear is “how long will the extermination take?”  This is an obvious enough question – a full extermination will disrupt the household and its routine, and people with busy lives need to know what to expect.  Unfortunately, there isn’t a single simple answer to this question.  Each type of bug has different extermination requirements, plus it takes longer depending on how large the house is and how bad the infestation has gotten.

The best way to know how long the extermination will take is to reach out to us, and let us survey the situation before giving you an estimate. To help though, here are a few basic answers for some of the most common insects.

Knowing What To Expect When You Call For Pest Control In Buffalo

1 – Preventative treatment

Honestly, if you want to save time, your best bet is to periodically call pest services for preventative treatment.  Laying down poison, bait, traps, etc before there’s an infestation only takes around half an hour and can keep your home pest-free for months.

2 – Ants and roaches

Ant and roach infestations are some of the most common, and fortunately, they’re also among the easier problems to deal with.  The poison can typically be laid down within a couple of hours.

Be aware, it will take time for the poison to fully work, typically a few weeks.  If more than two months pass, and you’re still seeing a lot of ants and roaches, you’ll probably need a second round of poison.

3 – Termites or bedbugs

These critters require high-heat treatments to kill, which will take several hours at a bare minimum.  If it’s successful, they’ll be dead by the end of the treatment.  However, they can be tenacious – especially bed bugs – and multiple visits may be required.

4 – Rodents

Rodent infestations are the most difficult and time-consuming.  The work typically stretches over multiple days, as exterminators crawl over your property looking for anywhere the critters might be hiding.  This can also be complicated based on whether you want to simply kill the rodents, or use humane capture-and-release methods.  The latter will take even more time.

Pest Control Service in Buffalo

Basically, pest control in Buffalo is difficult, and as they say, life finds a way.  If you have an infestation, the sooner you call for help, the sooner you’ll be pest-free.  Contact our team at Bugg Control whenever you need us!