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Hiring Professional Pest Control Services Is Better Than DIY

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No one likes having unwanted pests in their New York home, and there’s no shortage of do-it-yourself solutions for getting rid of insects.  If you only occasionally see a pest like an ant or roach, then basic products are probably fine.

However, if you ever develop a true infestation, that’s when you should turn to professional pest control services in New York.  Clearing out large insect colonies is more difficult than it sounds, and you’ll be glad for professional help.

Four Reasons You Want A Pro For Pest Control Services

1 – Save time

The difficulty in clearing out an infestation is that the extermination has to be complete.  Even a single clutch of eggs that’s overlooked can quickly repopulate the invaders.  Too often, when people try to DIY their infestation, they think they’ve done it… only to have the problem come back in a month or so.

2 – Reduce damage to your home

There’s another problem with infestations that keep coming back, without being 100% exterminated – they can start damaging your house.  Termites, for example, will continue doing damage as long as any part of the colony exists.  Or creatures like bed bugs where, once they get into an object, that thing probably has to be destroyed to get rid of them.  If the infestations aren’t taken care of thoroughly, the damage continues and will only become more expensive to fix later.

3 – Safe use of chemicals

Clearing out major infestations typically requires the use of powerful pesticides – and they can be genuinely dangerous to people, pets, and other things you want in your house.  Pros are trained extensively in the safe use of these chemicals and can make sure they cause no damage beyond killing the pests.

Pets die from mishandled pesticides too often.  It’s an entirely avoidable tragedy.

4 – Great advice for the future

A professional pest control service won’t only do extermination services – they’ll also look over your home and property, advising on how to avoid future infestations.  Their helpful information could be worth even more than the extermination because it’ll prevent any more infestations in the future.

New York Trusts Bugg Control!

Since 1974, we’ve been the go-to choice in pest control services for people across western New York state, whenever they have insect problems.  Our workers are friendly, professional, and highly trained.  They can handle any bug in the state.

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