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Five Signs You May Have Termites

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One of the main keys to preventing a termite infestation is to know how to identify termite activity. Understanding the signs of termites can often help you prevent a small issue from turning into a much bigger problem. Contacting pest control services is always a great option to further investigate the issue and take care of your termite problem before it leads to widespread damage to your home.

Here are a few of the most common signs of termite activity

1) Wood Damage

One of the biggest signs of termites is wood damage. These damages to wood can happen in various ways, such as unexplained cracks on your walls or rafters. You may even notice weakened baseboards or a sagging wood floor. Contacting pest control services as soon as possible is key in limiting these damages before they become even more severe.

2) Mud Tubes

Subterranean termites build mud tubes to travel back and forth. These mud tubes help to protect them from the outside elements while blocking out cool or dry air. Seeing these mud tubes along the outside of your house is a major sign that you are dealing with termites.

3) Swarms of Termites

Reproductive termites will eventually leave their colony in the spring to mate and build a new colony. This phenomenon occurs once a termite colony releases a large number of swarmers to mate. These termites are often mistaken for other flying insects during the spring months.

4) Termite Droppings

Drywood termites nest inside of wood by creating kick-out holes. Termite droppings are also known as frass, as they resemble coffee grounds or sawdust. Reaching out to pest control services is essential if you notice any termite droppings anywhere within your home.

5) Termite Wings

Once termites swarm and find a new colony, they will twist their wings off and discard them. Eventually, you may notice a pile of termite wings, which is a major sign that a brand new colony is close. All of the termite wings are similar in size with a translucent color.


Why are termites attracted to my home?

Many people falsely assume that termites are only attracted to wood homes. However, termites are actually drawn to cellulose, which is a compound found in wood and other materials, such as stone and bricks. Termites are also more likely to infest your home due to several other reasons, as it’s a good idea to reach out to pest control services to stay proactive in keeping your house safe.

Here are a few of the top reasons why termites are attracted to your home.

1) Excess Moisture

Too much moisture in your home creates a great environment for termites. Moisture problems can happen due to leaky pipes, clogged gutters, or other reasons. Taking care of these problems as soon as you can is critical in preventing termites from infesting your home.

2) Decaying Wood

Wood from fallen trees will eventually rot and decay over time. The safest option is to remove these logs or stumps to prevent a termite infestation. Removing decaying wood will also keep your yard looking neat and improve its curb appeal.

3) Easy Access to Soil

Subterranean termites require soil to live, which makes any part of your home that’s in contact with soil a prime target for these termites. For example, these termites will often infest your porch due to immediate access to the soil. Periodically checking your porch for any signs of termites is always a wise decision.

4) Landscaping

An often-overlooked reason why termites are attracted to your home is due to landscaping. Putting mulch near your home increases the risk of dealing with termite problems. Only using mulch around the perimeter of your yard is key in preventing these issues.

5) Trees

Keeping your trees trimmed away from your house is important in preventing termites from accessing your roof. Tree limbs can also block sunlight, which results in excessive moisture problems. Typically, winter is the best time to trim trees.

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