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The "No Buggs" exterior barrier treatment program is offered seasonally with spring, summer, and fall applications to provide year-round protection. Our program is customized to meet the varying climate changes in the Buffalo, NY area to best protect your property from unwanted pests. See below for more details about each application:

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Newly emerging colonies of insects begin foraging for food, water and shelter around your home. Our treatment focuses on targeting these emerging insects before they establish a presence in your home.


Pests rapidly multiply in the landscaped areas around your property. We control their breeding grounds using highly targeted and environmentally responsible approaches to solve specific issues.


Some pests slow down their breeding and development cycles. As cooler weather returns, pests will begin to seek out the comfortable shelter of your residence. Bugg Control, Inc. focuses on all potential avenues into your residence, providing your home with total protection.

No Buggs- Kleen Windows

In addition to our professional bee nest removal, spider control, and other insect control services, we offer an exclusive three-step "No Buggs-Kleen Windows Program." This program, in partnership with Kleen Windows Inc, provides a complete exterior maintenance program for Spring, Summer and Fall, and allows our customers to make the most out of their service. Call us today to learn more.
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No matter what pest or bug control service you may need, let the professionals at Bugg Control, Inc. take care of the problem before it starts. Our signature service is a comprehensive home barrier treatment that is designed to protect your home from all crawling and flying insects. We treat from the gutter to the ground to form a barrier that will help prevent pests from intruding in your home or business in Buffalo, NY.

Protect Your Home with our

No Buggs

For effective bee, ant, stinkbug, and spider control, count on our exterior barrier treatment service. Available to clients throughout the Buffalo, NY area, our “No Buggs” program provides a complete exterior maintenance program for the prevention of crawling and flying insects. If you are looking for a bug exterminator you can trust in the Buffalo, NY area, Bugg Control, Inc. is the smart choice!


Our pest control company will treat the exterior of your home from the top of the gutter and go all the way down to the ground. We apply treatments around all windows, doorways, and entryways, with special attention paid to where siding or other composite overlaps the exterior wall or foundation to ensure we eliminate any opportunity for pests to enter. We also offer treatment of any sheds, decks, porches, or mailboxes on the property, and finish with a three-to-five-foot protective treatment band around the base of your home to ensure complete protection.


One of the benefits of being on the program is that it is guaranteed. Once we’ve treated your property, if you have any increase in activity between treatments, call our pest control company for a service call, free of charge, and come back to re-treat any areas needed. As part of this program, you will also receive priority scheduling, as well as discounts on our other services.

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