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Do You Have a Wasp Problem? Exterminators In Buffalo, NY, Can Help!

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Of all the pest insects that can infest a house, few are as bothersome as wasps.  Wasps may not be able to do much damage to your property, but they can absolutely do damage to you, your family, and any visitors!  Wasp stings are painful, and some people can be dangerously allergic.  A wasp infestation needs to be taken care of quickly, by calling in exterminators in Buffalo, NY!

How do you know if you have a wasp problem?  Here are some things to watch out for.

What You Need To Know About Wasp Infestations

1 – One wasp isn’t a problem

Some wasp species are mostly solitary, and others like to send out solo wasps as scouts around an area.  So, if you only see a single wasp, that’s likely not a major issue.  Just kill it if you can.

However, you see multiple wasps at a time, that’s a red flag that there’s a nest somewhere nearby.

2 – Wasps vs Mud Daubers (aka Dirt Daubers)

Wasps and mud daubers look quite similar, but wasps are far more dangerous.  Mud daubers can sting, but only in self-defense – they aren’t nearly as aggressive as wasps, so they aren’t as big a problem.

The best way to tell the difference is by looking at their bodies.  Mud daubers have extremely thin “waists” connecting their body and tail.  Wasps are more compact, with the tail connecting directly to the body.

3 – Look for nests

Most wasp species build their nests out in the open, where they’re easy to spot.  They’re typically made from chewed wood, giving them a paper-like appearance.  Others may build nests from dirt and mud.  (Which is another reason they’re frequently confused with mud daubers.)

If the nest is active, you will know it.  There will pretty much always be at least a few wasps visible.  If you’re trying to kill the nest yourself with sprays, wait until dawn or dusk – that’s when most wasps will be back at the nest and easier to kill.

4 – Watch for signs of wood damage

Since many wasps chew up wood to make their nests, they’re likely to see your home as a great resource.  Watch out for signs of wood being chewed on, or with holes bored into it.  It might be wasps, termites, carpenter ants, or other pests.

Exterminators in Buffalo, NY

In any case, these are all very bad for your home.  You’ll want experienced exterminators in Buffalo, NY, to take care of them.  Contact Bugg Control today if you think you have an infestation!