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Simple Tips on How to Avoid Bed Bugs

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Bed bugs can quickly infest your home and spread rapidly. These bugs are often much more unsettling compared to other pests due to them feeding on your blood while you are sleeping. Trying to get rid of any bed bugs by yourself is often a difficult task. Reaching out to pest exterminators in Buffalo, NY, is always a wise decision in …

Five Signs You May Have Termites

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One of the main keys to preventing a termite infestation is to know how to identify termite activity. Understanding the signs of termites can often help you prevent a small issue from turning into a much bigger problem. Contacting pest control services is always a great option to further investigate the issue and take care of your termite problem before …

How to Identify and Prevent Wood Borer Beetles

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Dealing with wood borer beetles is never a fun experience for homeowners. These pests can create significant damages to your home, which results in costly repairs. Staying proactive by learning how to identify these beetles while reaching out to pest control in Buffalo is critical in keeping your home safe against these insects. Here is an overview of the different …

Five Reasons Why Termites Are Attracted to Your Home

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Many people falsely assume that termites are only attracted to wood homes. However, termites are actually drawn to cellulose, which is a compound found in wood and other materials, such as stone and bricks. Termites are also more likely to infest your home due to several other reasons, as it’s a good idea to reach out to pest control services …

If You’ve Got Bed Bugs, You Need Professional Buffalo Pest Control

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We know, during the COVID-19 outbreak, a lot of people have been reluctant to call in Buffalo pest control services – even when they’re needed.  It’s understandable that people don’t want to invite strangers into their home during an outbreak.  However, if you have an insect infestation, particularly a bed bug infestation, you need help from the pros. Bed bugs …

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A Bug Exterminator’s Guide On How To Keep Your Home Bug-Free

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If you ever have an insect infestation in your New York home, you can always call in a qualified bug exterminator to get rid of them…  But it’s a lot better to keep your home bug-free in the first place!  Sure, every now and then an insect will sneak in, but there are a lot of things that homeowners can …

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All About Mosquito Bites

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All About Mosquito Bites Along with cookouts, pool parties, and outdoor concerts, mosquito bites are a sign of summer. Mosquitoes are at best a seasonal nuisance and at worst carriers of deadly diseases. But have you ever wondered why mosquitoes bite people? Why do mosquito bites cause a reaction in humans and are they dangerous? Why Do Mosquitoes Bite? While …

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Are Dragonflies Harmful to Humans or Pets?

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Are Dragonflies Harmful to Humans or Pets? Dragonflies are truly a beautiful insect to watch in flight with their elongated body, bulging eyes, and large transparent wings. In the summertime, you will find them mainly around small bodies of water like ponds, streams, and marshes. Over the centuries dragonflies have represented or symbolized different things among many cultures. For example, …

How to Get Rid of Pests That Live in Wood

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How to Get Rid of Pests That Live in Wood Wood is one of the most desired building material, it looks nice when well cared for and is easier to deal with. But as any pest control Buffalo NY exterminator will tell you, pests too can make a home in your precious wood structures and some will cause great damage to the …

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How Ladybugs Protect Themselves

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  How Ladybugs Protect Themselves Ladybugs are generally known as cute garden bugs who are both harmless to humans and beneficial to gardens. Their classic red and black body pattern makes them the most endearing of insects and sometimes they are even seen as a sign of good luck. However, the color of their wings serves a purpose beyond appearance; …