Ant Control

Ant Exterminators, Buffalo NY 

For ant control services in the Buffalo, NY area, it’s important to call a bug exterminator you can trust. At Bugg Control, Inc., our professional team has the skills and experience you need to resolve and prevent future infestations.

No matter what type of ant species you are dealing with, our professional pest control company offers a variety of affordable treatments to tackle the problem at the source to eliminate the cause and prevent pests from returning. Call us today to learn more about our ant control services or to schedule an exterior barrier treatment.

Learn How To Protect Your Home

Reliable Pest Control Services for Your Home & Business in Buffalo, NY

At Bugg Control, Inc., our bug exterminator will provide a full inspection to pin-point problem areas. Our ant control treatments include gel injections and bait stations as needed to eliminate pests already inside the home. Approximately ten to fourteen days later, our technicians will return to do a foundation treatment on the exterior of your property to prevent pests from entering. It our goal that this will ensure your home is pest-free and protected from ants, spiders, centipedes, and more.

As with most insects when it comes to ant control, prevention is key. Once you have an ant infestation it can be hard to handle it on your own. When you choose Bugg Control, Inc., you can rest assured that our pest control company will deliver prompt and effective ant control services. Offering both interior and exterior treatments for homeowners throughout the Buffalo, NY area, call us today to request your free estimate!