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A Bug Exterminator’s Guide On How To Keep Your Home Bug-Free

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If you ever have an insect infestation in your New York home, you can always call in a qualified bug exterminator to get rid of them…  But it’s a lot better to keep your home bug-free in the first place!  Sure, every now and then an insect will sneak in, but there are a lot of things that homeowners can do to reduce the chances of any sort of infestation.

These are some of the best ways you can reduce the number of bugs scurrying around your house.

Four Ways To Keep Bugs Outside Your Home – Where They Belong!

1 – Promptly remove trash

Bugs of all types are attracted to human garbage, particularly organic waste like leftover food.  Allowing this garbage to stay in your home any longer than needed will quickly attract a wide variety of insects.  So be prompt about taking your garbage out every day, and make sure you use trash cans with lids that close tightly so that bugs can’t sneak in for a snack.

2 – Get rid of standing water on your property

We hear from a lot of people who have ponds or installed water features on their property, only to discover they’ve created a new home for mosquitos.  You should seriously consider getting rid of these water features because keeping them pest-free is nearly impossible.

3 – Regularly clean your rain gutters

If your rain gutters have become clogged with leaves and other natural debris, that’s a haven for bugs like beetles that eat decaying plant matter.  Then, once they’ve got nests in your gutters, it’s easy for them to start slipping into your house as well.

Besides, if your gutters are clear, it will reduce wear and tear on your roof too!

4 – Keep your basement floor clear

Basements tend to be cool and damp, making them a haven for bugs – particularly if you have objects on the ground that they can hide in.  This problem becomes worse if those objects are vulnerable to water.  Bugs love burrowing into damp books, cardboard boxes, etc.  Move all these items onto shelves, off the floor, and you’ll give bugs far fewer places to hide in your basement.

Of course, accidents do happen, and sometimes bugs can sneak in despite your best efforts.  When that happens, you need an experienced bug exterminator in western New York.  Click here to call in Bugg Control extermination services!